Shuff for Apple Music 1.0

Shuff for Apple Music mockup

It's time to introduce Shuff for Apple Music.

Shuff let you create lists of artists, albums and more. These lists are "shufflists" and you can play them. Put several of your favorite music bands in a shufflist and listen the mix that contains only those artists. It does not require a lot of time to create a shufflist.

Shuff streams music from Apple Music. You can subscribe and get a trial from the app.

Here are some examples when I use Shuff.

Before riding the bicycle I create a shufflist with the music on my mind: jazz-funk, Fever 333 and Russian rapper Oxxymiron. It's an unusual mix, but that is what I need. I press "play" and ride the bike!

At the night I want to relax. It's time for a shufflist of a jazz, Leonard Cohen, Sting and Eric Clapton.

And the crazy stuff! Did you know Apple Music has talk comedy "records"? Yep, we can mix "Standup" collection with some actual music. Nice alternative to the radio!

Other examples are listed on the AppStore page. Welcome!

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Pavel Manylov

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